Orchid Holistic Search



Orchid Holistic Search is a boutique recruitment firm specializing in recruitment for the natural products and holistic health community. Our candidates are naturopathic and holistic physicians, scientists, PhD's, sales & marketing managers, operational leaders, human resource executives, product development experts, speakers and writers. The common denominator is that they are recognized as leaders with industry experience. Our clients are progressive health and wellness organizations developing cutting-edge products and services. Our collective background in recruitment and natural medicine allows us to expertly join qualified candidates to exciting projects and careers in 21st century health and medicine.

Current trends in the health and wellness industry reflect a fundamental shift toward a more holistic viewpoint. 

Increasing sophistication in consumer demand has created a surge of competition in natural products and services. To stay on top of the game with the most innovative offerings and marketing strategies, you need the top-tier talent. Are you looking for the brightest candidates in the industry and aren't having much luck with recruiters who specialize in "food" or "pharma"?   Are you frustrated with medical recruiters who do not understand the specialized training and credentials of holistic health professionals? 

At Orchid Holistic Search we are committed to understanding your needs through personalized attention, and take a holistic approach to our search process.  We know that finding the right candidate is more than just matching a resume with a job description.  We see the big picture, and are excited to partner with organizations that are truly making a difference.


Orchid Holistic Search takes the guesswork out of the process by evaluating potential candidates for you.