Seven Steps of a Recruitment Process

These are the basic elements in a recruitment process. A recruitment firm can customize executive search to your hiring needs, or run a full life cycle end-to-end recruitment process for your business.

  1. Requisition - Making a determination with respect to the function, skill, and role requirements for a job order.
  2. Sourcing - Identifying potential candidates who might be a good match for the job order.
  3. Screening - Finding out which of the sourced candidates are both qualified and interested in an interview for the job.
  4. Interviewing - Gathering detailed information about the screened candidates for further evaluation.
  5. Selection - Deciding upon a slate of short-list candidates and choosing the prospective hire.
  6. Hiring - Making an offer to the prospective hire and, if accepted, negotiating an employment contract.
  7. Onboarding - Integrating a new hire into the company: physically, socially, and professionally.

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